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Exploring the beauty of Mjølkevegen or the great nature of Jotunheimen this summer? Intersport Beitostølen is the perfect spot to start your adventure.

Mjølkevegen is one of the most magnificent cycling routes in Norway offering beautiful scenery among small mountain farms all the way from Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen, through Valdres and Beitostølen, to Gol in Hallingdal. Jotunheimen offers everything from quiet mountain roads to steep trail rides in a breathtaking secluded landscape. In Beitostølen we also have a bike arena in connection with the city center.

We have full suspension e-bikes and mountain bikes for adults and kids. We also provide necessary gear like bike trailer for kids, side bags and helmets.

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About Intersport Beitostølen

Intersport Beitostølen is one of seven Intersport shops in Valdres and Hallingdal and part of the Fjellkjeden company. Since 1967 with the opening of Intersport Fagernes we have aimed at giving our customers the very best of both service and products thus optimizing the chance of awesome active adventures both indoors and outdoors. All accompanied with a great deal of humour and love.

Sykkeltur med utleiesykler på Beitostølen
Foto: v/Yngve Ask

Why Fjellkjeden Rental

Located in popular Norwegian mountain resorts attracting employees loving sports and the great outdoors we give you first hand tips and tricks for your next adventure. Being part of a team with multiple shops in the Valdres and Hallingdal mountains also means high degree of collaboration and thereby customer service: If you want to go from Beitostølen to Gol, we arrange for the return of your bike. And if you need assistance on your way, we have shops along the route happy to assist in case of need.

Stisykling med utleiesykler på Beitostølen
Foto: Bike Beitostølen, Norges beste sykkelguide og instruktørbedrift

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